Richard III Flying Experience

Richard III Flying Experience

Your Richard III Flying Experience will take place in a Cessna 172 4-seater aircraft with room for yourself and 2 fellow enthusiasts.

After a full pre-flight brief and video you will fly King Richard’s final battle route from The Blue Boar Inn in Leicester via Bow Bridge and out to Bosworth along the Old Roman Road.

Once at Bosworth Heritage Centre your instructor will orbit the area of the entire battlefield so you will be able to take videos and photos.

Your instructor will point out sites of special importance on the route to help you imagine what the battle would have been like. 

On the return leg your instructor will fly back towards the Bow Bridge and Richard’s final resting place in Leicester Cathedral. 

On return you will be given a souvenir package of the flight including photographs, a certificate which counts towards a pilot’s license, and a souvenir booklet from the
  Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre.

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